jeudi 16 février 2012

Video pitch: Négatif


by Thierry Lord

We are entering into the world of a series of lonely people for a moment.

The sun does gown and then we explore short moments of life of a couple of people who are alone in a dark environment at night or dusk. We get a glimpse of their emotional state through moving images of them and especially their face. After a couple of video portraits, the sun goes up and life goes on.

That's right, I try to shoot a video that will re-enact my 5th semester portfolio. It will be more like a series of moving images with a vague storyline and dark ambiant music. It will be more about the images and the mood than the storyline. We could consider it as a trailer of my portfolio since it will have a very cinematic look.

My target audience will mainly be photographers and fan of photography and videography. It will have an artsy feel to it so it definitely won't be for everyone. I will have multiple locations but mostly dark areas with ambiant light. I will mostly shoot at night or at dusk so I could have a low key feel to my images. I want my audience to feel confused but impressed at the same time. I want people to question themselves to what is happening, what emotions are the scene trying to convey since it will be about raw emotions.

I will mostly get people that were in my portfolio but also other people that could have fit in it. I will use the ambiant light to give a moody look and I will most likely light my subject with the modeling lights on my studio flashes. I thought about unlocked my lenses and having some shaky DIY tilt-shift scenes with light leaks. There will be a series of people involved in the video. I will shoot as well night scenes in the bus, in the metro, in the city streets between the ''moving portraits''.

A quick example of structure I would like: opening with a stop motion video of the sun going down, then a man in a park at night sitting on a chair looking alone in his bubble, then close-ups of him with complicated lighting setup like I did for my portraits. Shots of his reactions, close-ups of his eyes. Then I would have a couple of short clips of a city bus roaming in the streets. Then I would have a man sitting alone in his coach in his appartment, looking at television. I would reaction shots again and close ups. I'll try to have some complicated camera movement in there. Then there be shots of cars on the highway at night. Then I would have a man smoking a cigarette outside of a depanneur at night. I would repeat the same shots as before with complicated lighting. I would have shots from far and from up close. I would end up with a stop motion of the sun rising and then the screen would go pitch black.

I want it to look fluorescent light colored-ish like in the movie Fight Club. I am going to have a small depth of field on most of the shots to make it look dreamy but I don't want to abuse this time. I thought about maybe adding short monologues of people talking to themselves. I'll try to find a relax but anxious ambiant music free of copyrights.

So yeah, that's pretty much it for now! More stuff to come!

Here's a couple of inspiration